Assessment & treatment process

Each client is first assessed using a recognised Performance Matrix technique, which identifies movement patterns associated with injury, or muscle and soft tissues stiffness.

Using this data, a bespoke programme is then created and administered on a one-to-one basis by Mery, in the Perform Studio. Supporting exercises are also suggested for the client to continue at home.

For clients requiring onward referral or additional treatment, Mery’s close links with the Perform Studio provide access to multidisciplinary experts. Plus the use of the fantastic range of facilities available at Spire, which include a hydrotherapy pool.

Therapies are performed under Mery’s direct supervision and involve muscle and soft tissue stretching and exercising in very specific directions and modalities, emphasising the three-dimensional nature of movement and coordination.

At the end of a treatment programme, the assessment process will be repeated and the results compared, to demonstrate the benefits and results that have been achieved. Clients then leave with clear and helpful advice on how to prevent future problems developing.