Sport Performance


Sport psychology addresses the interactions between psychology and sport performance, including the psychological aspects of optimal athletic performance, the psychological care and well-being of athletes, coaches, and sport organizations, and the connection between physical and psychological functioning.

With an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy (RTT CL.Hyp) and Surgical Practitioner (BSc) as well as a certified Body Movement Therapist (Garuda, Stott Pilates), Mery is  uniquely placed to orchestrate the different modalities of established care dependent of the specific requirements of the individual client.Her interest lies in using the modern psychological concepts and the latest brain science to help people live their healthiest happiest life and achieve their dreams and goals.

Mery can participate in various activities, mostly focused on working to understand what motivates athletes and how athletes can improve their performance. These activities can range from consulting with athletes who might have anxiety issues that hamper their performance to instructing athletes (individually or in groups) on methods of mental conditioning (e.g., visualization, concentration and relaxation) to helping athletes deal with injuries. Mery works from the perspective that success in sports and life relies on both the body and mind. To add one other important point, Mery is often found working with elite athletes—Olympians and professionals. However, she can be found working with athletes at all levels as well as with coaches and sports administrators.

One of her main passion is board and water sports including skateboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing and of course sailing.