Rehabilitation & Recovery

Many clients are referred to Mery having completed a course of physiotherapy following surgery or treatment for injury.

Mery is specifically trained in the rehabilitation techniques of Pilates and has extensive experience in treating patients recovering from hip, knee, foot and ankle, shoulder and spine surgery.

Additionally, patients who have undergone abdominal or cardiac surgery can benefit from the prolonged supportive treatment that is provided in a relaxed and friendly one-to-one environment.

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain motivation and commitment in the recovery period after surgery, so Mery’s treatment plans cover a varied pattern of exercises and are delivered using different specialist apparatus.

Clients can be assured they will move forward into the next stage of their life with more confidence and enthusiasm. 

By practicing at Perform Southampton, a multidisciplinary centre, clients benefit from access to varied specialists in elite physiotherapy, podiatry and orthotics. Cross referrals can also be made at anytime for the benefit of the client.