The Process

Assess, Treat and Excel is at the heart of our unique approach. 

Specialising in enhanced sporting performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention, we create personalised, one-to-programmes that are designed to suit each client’s individual needs. Our tailored programmes are based on scientifically proven research and combine strength, flexibility, endurance and dynamism. 


We recognise that everyone has a different movement architecture that changes from day to day. Clients are firstly assessed using the Performance Matrix technique, a verified method that will quantify the nature and extent of the problem, as well as aspects of uncontrolled movement that often go unnoticed.


We use then use a fusion of multiple techniques including Pilates, Garuda®, Gyrotonics®, Yoga and Tai Chi, as well as influences from the Alexander Technique, to create an individual treatment programme. The programme is delivered on a one to one basis. A three dimensional whole-body workout is part of the exercise program and it is delivered using specifically designed exercise apparatus, which allows for the isolation of particular muscles, joints and movements.


We all have different targets. Some of us will wish to excel in a sporting field, others will want to gain better posture, muscle tone and a sense of well being. Our individual techniques are personalised to your aims, we want to help you achieve your individual goal!