Prepare for Surgery

Mery Zanutto is a Senior Surgical Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist with an expertise in mindset, holding a Masters Degree in High Performance Psychology.

Mindset and attitude colours how we live our lives and prepare for challenges. Using her unique approach Mery has developed a program of preparation for hospital treatment not doctorine or dogma, but based on patient’s individual needs and requirements. Many patients find the concept of treatment challenging and mindset techniques employed by Mery have been shown to reduce anxiety, ensuring a positive frame of mind pre-treatment. Post-treatment, similar techniques have been proven to speed recovery and enhance the quality of result. 

The idea of surgery can be very stressful as well as confusing. This stress response can not only be uncomfortable but can actually undermine the recovery systems in the body. Recovery makes great demands on the immune system to allow wound healing, minimize drug toxicity and speed recovery. The surgical outcome can therefore be impacted by the way a patient deals with stress.

In preparing for surgery, Mery’s approach comprises of a few steps uniquely tailored to each individual patient. Mery’s background as a Senior Surgical Practitioner enables her to have a good understanding of the various surgical procedures that patients routinely undergo. She can understand the effect of surgery on the patients mood and outlook and her goal is to underline the importance of a healthy, optimistic mood about the upcoming procedure. This same positive approach and healthy anticipation will also influence the beneficial aspects on recovery in terms of speed and quality. She ensures that negative thinking and unhelpful thought patterns are avoided and uses mindset techniques including hypnosis and self-hypnosis. These techniques alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation in the important period before surgery and aid a rapid, healthy recovery.

To supplement these techniques, Mery supplies an individually focused recording for the patient to listen to on a daily basis. This further promotes the reduction of anxiety, the quality of healing and pain control.